USANA Preferred Customer

A USANA Preferred Customer of Performance Vitamins get the lowest price on their USANA products!  The products ordered from our website are the freshest USANA products, manufactured and shipped directly from USANA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Salt Lake City, UT. Our prices are typically 10% lower than the retail price found online.  However, as a USANA Preferred Customer, you can save and additional 10%!

Advantages of Being A USANA Preferred Customer of Performance Vitamins:

1.  It’s FREE!
2.  Most of USANA’s products are packaged to last 28 days (4 weeks).  As a preferred customer, you have the opportunity to be on a 4-week “Auto Order” for the products you use!  Any product on “Auto Order” receives the extra 10% discount!
3.  There is not a minimum order required for an “Auto Order”.
4.  “Auto Orders” can be changed every month if desired or canceled at any time without a penalty.
5.  As an initial gift, anybody who signs up to be a preferred customer will receive an “initial order reward”.  This is an additional 5% discount (calculated from the amount of your initial order) applied to the first 2 “Auto Orders”!
6.  In addition to the price breaks from being a Preferred Customer, you will have your own login capability with USANA Health Sciences to change “Auto Orders” or make additional orders.
7.  A USANA Preferred Customer also can opt-in to receive health related emails from the USANA Science Department.  This excellent information to help in one’s health journey.
8.  USANA offers a 100%, 30-day money back guarantee on their product orders.  If for any reason a Preferred Customer is dissatisfied with any USANA product, those products may be returned to the company within 30 days for replacement, exchange or full refund of the purchase price.
9.  A USANA Preferred Customer also has access to the outstanding Customer Service at USANA.
10. Those who enroll as  a USANA Preferred Customer with Performance Vitamins will receive special product samples and periodic extra incentives!  You will receive our Performance Vitamins Newsletter and our commitment to excellent and personalized customer service.

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If you have any questions or problems with the enrollment, do now hesitate to email us at  We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to help you get established!