Coenzyme Q10 and Cellular Energy

CoEnzyme Q10 is a key to cellular energy production.

Can Coenzyme Q10 help in the “energy shortage” that many people are experiencing daily?  Have you heard these statements around your home or office?  Or, maybe a statement of this sort has come out of your mouth recently!

“I am drained”!

“ I have been really dragging these past few weeks”!

“I don’t have the energy that I used to have”!

“I need a nap”!

“Exercise? I don’t even have the energy to stay awake at work”!

A common response to this dilemma in our culture is to stop by the corner coffee shop and get a triple (or even “quad”) shot of espresso to get that added boost of “energy”. Though someone will feel more awake or even get that quick burst of hyper drive, it doesn’t last. Another trip to the coffee shop in the afternoon (or even more often) becomes the habit (while also taking a dent on the wallet!).

Sound familiar?

The boost of energy that caffeine offers can’t compare to the cellular energy that the body can produce itself when the right cellular ingredients are present.

One of the “energy shortage” problems that we may be experiencing could be the depletion of an essential ingredient to the cellular boiler room that produces cellular energy…the real, life giving energy (ATP) that we learned about in biology class. This ingredient is CoEnzyme Q10 – needed by every cell in the body as a part of the incredible chemical interaction of oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and cofactors to produce the cellular energy we need to live life.

To learn more about the science of this wonderful process, happening in your cells at this very moment, we would recommend Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s great book, The CoEnzymeQ10 Phenomenon.

Dr. Sinatra states that ATP is “necessary to fuel all cellular functions”. That includes thinking, exercise, food digestion, heart function, and breathing to mention just a few! Dr. Sinatra goes on to mention that, “CoEnzyme Q10 provides the spark in the mitochondria of each cell to initiate the energy process”.  According to the scientific experts, there is a wonderful connection to Coenzyme Q10 and cellular energy production!

Back to where we started…why are we so “drained”? What is going on?

Dr. Sinatra mentions that clinical research that shows a serious depletion of CoEnzyme Q10 in our population due to a number of factors. One of these factors is the natural depletion during the aging process. Another is the lack of other essential nutrients like folate, Vitamins C, B12, B6, pantothenic acid and trace elements (to name a few) needed to synthesize CoEnzyme Q10 in the cells of the body. High intensity exercise also depletes the body of this essential ingredient as well as producing a high level of “free radicals”.

CoEnzyme Q10 remarkably works as a powerful antioxidant throughout the body to help prevent the damage of the “free radicals” caused by the oxidation process occurring in our bodies. Dr. Sinatra states that CoEnzyme Q10 is an “ideal antioxidant”. As an antioxidant, “it can stop free radicals before they do their damage, protecting DNA, cellular membranes and even various membrane systems”.

Need energy? This may be a great place to start:

  • Focus on a nutrient rich diet
  • Supplement your diet with USANA’s Essentials as a foundation for the necessary cellular ingredients necessary for CoEnzyme Q10 production (USANA Essentials)
  • Supplement with USANA’s pure CoEnzyme Q10 product, CoQuinone 30 (USANA CoQuinone)

All of USANA’s supplements are absorbable, dissolvable and bioavailable – meeting the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). What does all that mean? In a nutshell, they get into the cells and work.

The USANA CoQuinone 30 product was recently tested by Consumer Labs and given the highest rating possible, the Approved Quality Product Seal (Pure CoQuinone). This is not surprising to those who know the purity and quality of ingredients that USANA chooses and highest level of care put into each product’s production.

Also available in a customized “MyHealthPak” is the CoQuinone 100 product. This is a fabulous “super pill” that can provide the larger dosages of this essential ingredient needed for the remarkable process of producing ATP in the cells – real energy! If this is of interest to you, email us at and we will contact you to personalize your own “MyHealthPak”!

Next time you are “dragging”, it may be worth making some lifestyle changes in your diet. In addition, supplementing with a high-grade, absorbable and bioavailable CoQuinone 30 product can be of great benefit. Supplementing with a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin and mineral system like the USANA Essentials can also be of great value to provide the necessary B Vitamins, trace minerals and cofactors for the cells to produce the CoEnzyme Q10 that your cells are thirsty for!