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USANA® PhytoEstrin™


All-natural USANA® PhytoEstrin™ is a broad-spectrum, botanical formulation containing phytoestrogens from five sources to help maintain women’s health.

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USANA® PhytoEstrin™ supplement contains herbs such as chasteberry powder and black cohosh, which can help support the transition into menopause.*

Mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats. If that sounds familiar, it may be time to try a supplement developed to ease the transition into menopause. USANA® PhytoEstrin™ contains a diverse blend of botanicals that can provide convenient and natural relief from common menopausal symptoms. It is also formulated as a cardiovascular and bone health supplement.*


Health Basics

  • Delivers a unique blend of phytoestrogens from five botanical sources
  • Can help provide relief from menopausal symptoms*
  • Formulated to help maintain bone mass and heart health*

Did You Know?

  • Bone health and risk of heart disease are common health concerns during and after the transition into menopause.



Natural approaches to maintaining health before, during, and after menopause have become popular over the last few years. For many women, regular exercise, a proper diet, nutritional supplementation with vitamin E, vitamin B5, and calcium, and botanical preparations of estrogen-like compounds—such as those found in USANA® PhytoEstrin™ —may help improve the quality of life during the transition to menopause and the years following.*

Some authorities theorize that high levels of soy isoflavones in Asian diets contribute to Asian women transitioning through menopause more easily than those women living in Western cultures. Soy isoflavones are biologically active chemical compounds from plants such as grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables that bind to the same estrogen receptor sites and behave similarly to human estrogen.


For centuries, chasteberry, a shrub native to Mediterranean Europe and Central Asia, has been used to help support women’s health, particularly symptoms of peri- and post-menopause. And over the last 50 years, scientific studies have supported the use of chasteberry in supporting women’s health. Chasteberry has been found effective in easing menopausal symptoms, and is a mixture of iridoids, avonoids, and glycosides.*

Black cohosh, a plant native to eastern North America, has also been in use for many years, particularly in Native American traditional medicine, to support women’s health and ease menopausal symptoms. Dong quai, a dried root found in China, has been used extensively in Asia for supporting women’s health as well.*

After menopause, when levels of estrogen and progesterone drop, soy isoflavones like those found in USANA® PhytoEstrin™ may help support cardiovascular and bone health.*


All-natural USANA® PhytoEstrin™ is a broad-spectrum, botanical formulation containing phytoestrogens from five different sources, including a guaranteed 14 mg of soy isoflavones to help maintain women’s health. USANA® PhytoEstrin™ also contains a unique combination of herbs that complement the activity of the soy isoflavones: black cohosh, dong quai, licorice-root extract, and chasteberry powder. Together with isoflavones, these herbs help support cardiovascular health while providing support through menopausal symptoms during the peri- and post-menopausal years.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
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Women's Health : While general nutrient needs are very similar between men and women, age can present unique gender-based health concerns. For women over the age of 40, symptoms associated with the onset of menopause may begin to occur. Our Women's Health products are designed to support menstrual health and help improve quality of life during the transition to menopause.


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