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USANA MySmartStart Kit


USANA MySmartStart Kit is a 7 day jumpstart system to help move towards fitness and weight goals

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USANA MySmartStart Kit is a 7 day system to jump start your fitness and weight goals.  Each day of this 7 day USANA MySmartStart Kit includes replacing two meals with one of the delicious MySmartShakes (customized to your own tastes), fruit, veggies, lots of water and one low-glycemic meal.  The USANA MySmartStart Kit also provides you with a list of foods to help you get the best results and learn about choosing making low glycemic meals).  Each day you will also enjoy 1 or 2 MySmartBars for a morning or mid-afternoon snack.  Also included is a seven day supply of USANA’s award winning MyHealthPak!

After completing this 7 day MySmartStart, continued progress towards weight and fitness goals can be enhanced with continuing with 1 or 2 MySmartShakes per day, AM/PM doses of the MyHealthPak and 1 or 2 MySmartBars.  Incorporating a walking or exercise program will accelerate you to your goals even faster!

MySmartStart Kit Contents

  • 14 single-servings of USANA MySmartShake Protein Base
  • 2 boxes of USANA MySmartShake Flavor Optimizer (7 servings per pack)
  • 10 MySmartBars
  • 7 AM/PM HealthPak packets
  • 1 MySmartStart program guide
  • 1 MySmartStart bracelet

MySmartStart System

  • Breakfast:
  • Mid-morning snack:
    • MySmartBar (choose 1 of 3 delicious flavors)
  • Lunch:
    • Low-glycemic meal or a MySmartShake
  • Mid-afternoon snack:
    • MySmartBar or fruit or veggies
  • Dinner:
    • MySmartShake or a low-glycemic meal
    • PM HealthPak


  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water (4 to 6 glasses in addition to the water used to make your shakes)
  • Avoid strenuous exercise during the program
  • Eat 3 servings of fruit (great to mix into your shakes!) and 3 servings of vegetables (as part of your low-glycemic meal)
  • Walk for 20-30 minutes each day (about 3000 steps)
  • Adding Fibergy Plus Booster lowers the glycemic index of meals and adds to digestive health



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