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USANA® BlenderBottle® – BPA Free


Durable, BPA-free plastic bottle that measures up to 20 oz, with whisk.

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USANA® BlenderBottle® – BPA Free is a convenient way to have a MySmartShake “on the go” as well as at home!  The secret is the BlenderBall® whisk that allows you to easily mix your USANA® beverages.  This is a must-have for those on the MySmartStart jumpstart system.

This is perfect for traveling!  Put a single MySmartShake in the bottle with your favorite MySmartShake Flavor Optimizer.  Twelve ounces of cold water is all you need to have a protein shake where ever your travels take you!

Use at the gym for your MySmartShake recovery drink!  Don’t wait to until you get home for the muscle recovery to begin!

Easy to clean!  Just add hot water, a squirt of dish soap and shake!  Drip dry and you are ready for your next MySmartShake!


  • 20 oz
  • BPA Free
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Convenient


Weight .33 lbs

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