High Glycemic Roller Coaster

High Glycemic Roller Coaster

We have all experienced the High Glycemic Roller Coaster!

Remember the thrills of being on a high-flying and low-dipping roller coaster?  It can be exhilarating! However, the high glycemic roller coster of our blood sugar (caused by “high glycemic” foods from our diet) can be very unhealthy…possibly even deadly as it can usher a person into the current epidemic of obesity that plagues our country.

What is a “high glycemic” food?

Simply stated, it is a food that is converted into glucose (blood sugar) in our bodies- too fast!

Let’s be clear though, we need glucose…without it the cells in our body cannot function. However, the body is a “balance nut”. If the food we eat is converted to glucose too fast, we “spike” our blood sugar causing a cascade of responses from the body to correct and lower the glucose (one of these responses is the release of the storage hormone insulin). That is the rapid ascent of the roller coaster!

What are some of these “high-glycemic” foods? Bread, rolls, white rice, potato chips, popcorn, cereals, potatoes, instant oatmeal, pretzels, candy (thats an easy one), ice cream, bagels and many more.

We all know what that feels like…the “sugar hit”! “But”, you may ask, “I did not consume any ‘sugar’, that I am aware of, in my meal”! The facts are that many of the foods we eat can give us that same “sugar spike” as a candy bar! That is where the typical Western Diet is like the most dangerous roller coaster ride on earth and you did not even know you bought a ticket! But…as we all know, what goes up…must come down!

As the body rapidly seeks to correct the flooding of glucose in the bloodstream, it will result in a “drop”. Remember that feeling when you come back to work after a meal at a fast food restaurant? All of a sudden you feel like you need a nap! Food should give us energy, why the sleepy feeling all of a sudden?

When the drop happens, the blood sugar is too low and we will experience difficulty staying focused (the brain needs glucose to function and the tank is running low). Part of the body’s response to this is to release stress hormones to stir us into action – to go eat! Typically what we eat however, is the high-glycemic food choices that caused the problem in the first place (compounded with a high-glycemic latte to get awake)!

What does the body do with all the excess glucose that is gathered in its “correction mode”? If it can’t be used as energy, it has to be stored somewhere! Have you ever noticed the increasing number of “storage units” that are being built around the country for people to store the stuff that won’t fit into their homes? That may be a simple analogy of what the body does to find a place to store the excess glucose…make more storage units (fat cells), especially in the center of the body.

As the storage units increase, the health of other body systems is affected. In fact, the Center for Disease Control stated in 2012 that overweight and obese related medical conditions are a leading cause of preventable death in the United States**. Yes, the roller coaster can have a deadly ending.

RESET your body!

USANA Health Sciences have scientifically developed low-glycemic convenience foods to help in the journey towards a low glycemic lifestyle. The RESET program is a jump start towards this type of lifestyle, providing the meals, snacks and micronutrients for five days to help break the carb addiction that the western diet roller coaster can cause. The only thing that is required to add is a fruit and vegetable every day and water. From there, the journey continues to stay off the roller coaster and be on level ground with their Transform Pack. Along this new journey is education on how to change one’s dietary habits and get safely off (and stay off) the High Glycemic Roller Coaster!

Please watch this short video concerning the USANA RESET Program: