USANA Proglucamune: Immune Support

USANA Proglucamune

What is your most important asset?  Is it your health?  Is it your family?  Is it your family’s health?  The more precious our asset, the more important our focus on protecting that asset!  For our health and the health of those we love a healthy immune system is critical.  Our immune system is a wonderful and complex defense system designed for the protection of our health.  It is designed to protect our cells from intrusions from the outside which could cause our body damage.  It uses a huge army of defender cells  – different types of white blood cells.  We make about 1000 million of these cells every day in our bone marrow. Some of these cells, called macrophages, are constantly patrolling within our body, seeking to destroy germs as soon as they enter. Adding USANA Proglucamune to your daily nutritional regimen could be one of your most important decisions to help support this complex defense system.

OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – The Inner “Armed Forces” for Our Protection

Let’s use a nation’s armed forces as a simple example of the purpose and function of our immune system.  The branches of the armed services, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard all have different weapons and specialties but work together to defend and protect the citizens of a nation.  To work at the highest level, all these branches need to communicate with each other, work together and maintain the weapons to the highest level to be effective. USANA® Proglucamune® supports the intelligence within our immune system “armed forces” and maintains the weaponry necessary to attack any foreign invaders.

Our immune system is made up of three levels:

  • surface immunity (the wall): our first line of defense to keep pathogens (the bad guys) out!
  • innate immunity (the army): immune system cells that attack foreign cells in the body if they get past the surface immunity!
  • adaptive immunity (the special forces): acquired immune system because we are not born with it.  It is developed through the years as a response to the pathogens that we encounter along life’s journey!

If a pathogen (bad guy) penetrates our surface immunity (the wall), the innate immune system (the army) receives the alarm to go into action (to seek and destroy the enemy).  The InCelligence™Beta-Glucan Complex of USANA® Proglucamune® binds on immune cells to prime their natural protective abilities.  In other words, this unique and powerful complex, strengthens and supports the critical fighting force of our inner armed forces!  If our innate immune system (the army) is overwhelmed, USANA® Proglucamune® also supports the adaptive (special forces) that are called into action if they are needed.


KEY QUESTIONS – about  USANA Proglucamune

Question: What are the core ingredients in USANA Proglucamune?

USANA Proglucamune® contains a potent blend of ingredients:

  • Organic Reishi and shiitake mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicines to support vitality. They are rich in polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties and help promote cellular protection.*
  • A specific strain of baker’s yeast  provides beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, a natural carbohydrate shown to prime the immune system. Clinical studies have shown that the strain of baker’s yeast in Proglucamune® provides exceptional support for immunity and daily wellness, even during times of occasional, mild stress.*
  • Zinc is an essential trace element that supports proper functioning of immune cells and serves as an intracellular signaling molecule for immune cells, enhancing the effectiveness of the InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex. It also acts as an antioxidant to help defend against oxidative stress.*

Question: Who is USANA Proglucamune designed for and why?

Most people experience some type of occasional stress, either physical or emotional. And who has time to feel less than their best? USANA® Proglucamune® is designed to help your immune cells respond effectively and support your body’s ability to adapt to and respond to occasional stress. It’s perfect at helping maintain balance and supporting your immune system’s ability to adapt and react.*

Question: Why is it important to take USANA Proglucamune?

Our lives are demanding, and we have to be aware of how our body reacts to challenges to our daily wellness, including occasional stress. That’s what makes USANA® Proglucamune®  great! This Optimizer can help support your immune cells’ ability to respond to your specific needs. The InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex within this product primes your immune cells’ natural protective responses, so they can protect your health effectively.*

Question: What are the core benefits to USANA Proglucamune?

USANA® Proglucamune®  is a great solution to help keep your immune system operating at an optimal level and to support overall health and well-being every day.*

Question: How does InCelligence work in USANA® Proglucamune®?

The beauty of InCelligence in Proglucamune® is how the product works to improve your innate protective immune response. The InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex binds to receptors on immune cells to prime their natural protective responses.*

THE USANA DIFFERENCE – The Foundation of USANA Proglucamune

Proglucamune® is a superior product for helping immune cells adapt to your unique needs and protect your health, even during times of stress.*

Proglucamune® is formulated with the same uncompromising quality and purity that characterizes the USANA product line, guaranteed by the founder – Dr. Myron Wentz.  The InCelligence Beta-Glucan Complex contains a certified organic blend of mushrooms combined with a strain of baker’s yeast proven to be effective for priming cells’ natural protective ability. The addition of zinc makes Proglucamune® a perfect solution for promoting your body’s natural immune responses and supporting overall health and well-being every day.*

Proglucamune® is an outstanding daily optimizer.  Recommendations are 1 tablet (preferably with food) in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening to maximize effectiveness.  Add this optimizer with USANA’s foundational nutritional system, The CellSentials (or HealthPak for an extra antioxidant boost) also designed with InCelligence technology!*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Endogenous Antioxidants – Cell’s Secret Weapons!

Endogenous Antioxidants

What are “Endogenous Antioxidants” and how are they our cell’s secret weapons to fight the damaging war that we all face – the war of  “oxidative stress”?

Oxidative Stress

Though the inner war of oxidative stress (commonly referred to as “free radical damage”) is not something we immediately see or even feel, the results of the ongoing onslaught of this microscopic war can result on the outside as damage to our bodies including the onset of deadly degenerative diseases.

Free radicals are harmful molecules that come from our environment, our diet, prescription medications, smoking, alcohol and even strenuous exercise.  “Antioxidants” are the warriors that fight the oxidation war within. If free radicals outnumber or overwhelm the antioxidant defense system, every part of our body is vulnerable to damage – including our DNA.  In a nutshell, free radicals are responsible for the damage to the core microscopic foundation of our body – our cells.

Endogenous Antioxidants vs. Exogenous Antioxidants

“Endogenous” antioxidants originate from within the cell versus “exogenous” antioxidants which originate from outside (from our food or supplements).  

It has been known for years that food rich in natural antioxidants and high quality supplements (exogenous antioxidants) can be very beneficial in fighting this inner war.  Antioxidants in this form can neutralize individual free radicals.  In the right synergistic balance, these antioxidants can also renew each other to fight even more free radicals!  The words from our mom’s to “eat our fruits and vegetables” was some of the most important advice we ever received as they can contain this needed army of antioxidants to fight against the inner war that none of us are immune against.

The more powerful army of antioxidants are actually ones that the cells in our body make on their own.  These endogenous antioxidants can neutralize hundreds if not thousands of free radicals per second.

Exogenous antioxidants can be viewed as inviting a constant stream of soldiers into the battle field armed with pistols for our defense.  These soldiers are needed throughout the body to neutralize the enemy of free radicals that we encounter every day.

Endogenous antioxidants are the powerful smart bombs that the cells themselves produce and strategically aim at the enemy army of free radicals.  This may not be a perfect analogy but an attempt to highlight the relative power of both types of antioxidants.  Both are needed to fight the war.

There are five important endogenous antioxidants that our cells produce:

  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Glutathione Peroxidase
  • Catalase
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

USANA InCelligence Technology™ takes the scientific discovery of exogenous antioxidants a step further. The nutrients in the InCelligence Complex signal our cells to produce these powerful endogenous antioxidants to protect them from free radicals.*

The U.S. patent-pending InCelligence Complex found in the CellSentials™ supplements offers our cells this unique, effective and personalized antioxidant protection.*

Watch this video to see a visual demonstration of the microscopic war that we are facing daily and the power of the cell-signaling CellSentials™ to trigger the endogenous antioxidant protection for our cells.*

USANA® InCelligence Technology™

USANA® InCelligence Technology™

So what exactly is the new USANA® InCelligence Technology™?  What makes InCelligence a large leap forward in personalized cellular health?

Understanding the Word “InCelligence”

The word itself, “InCelligence”, lays out the big picture for understanding what Dr. Myron Wentz and his brilliant team of scientists at USANA Health Sciences are unlocking at the cellular level.   “InCelligence” is a term derived from the concept of “inherent cellular intelligence.”  In other words, our cells are smart!  They are designed with a built in intelligence to operate the millions of cellular functions for us to be alive.  Our cells in our body know how to make hormones, regulate our breathing, break down our food, store our memories.  The examples are endless on the functions that happen in our body every day, every minute, every second without us thinking about them or managing the processes!

Our Cells are Talking to Each Other!  What Information  are They Sharing?

To take this a step further, our cells are talking to each other – sharing critical information that allows the body’s systems to work together for life.  The information that is shared is what is referred to as “cell signaling”.

Listen to Dr. Kevin Spelmen, USANA’s Executive Vice President of Research & Development, as he talks about the information we receive from our food:

“Did you know that each mouthful of food you eat carries a specific message to your cells? All food is information.  Whether you choose to put an orange slice in your mouth or a cookie, it is actually carrying information to your cells, talking to them, inducing a response.”  

The nutrient in our food act as messengers that begin the cell signaling though the incredible pathways throughout the body, signaling the “on/off” switches throughout the many important cellular functions that operate 24/7 without our knowledge.

Just like the operating system of a computer.  Having the operating system with the right information is critical for all the computer applications to operate and to work together.  If there is “misinformation” in the operating system, many (maybe even all) applications will be affected and will not operate effectively.

Dr. Spelmen continues with what happens when we get misinformation from our food:

“What message do you think the orange is carrying to your DNA versus a processed and packaged chocolate chip cookie?”  Just as healthy food choices will deliver good information to your cells, poor dietary choices can misinform your cells.  When you think of all the manmade, processed foods we consume, all the pesticides that get into our food, and all the nonsensical molecules used in snack foods like polyester sucrose, you are introducing something that your cells have never seen before, so what kind of misinformation does a new-to- nature molecule, such as a pesticide or preservative relay to your DNA?”

Dr. Spelman explains that, in essence, our bodies don’t know what to do with this kind of misinformation:

“Enough of this misinformation, or confusion, causes consistently wrong signaling to occur deep within the cells of the body.  This misinformation can potentially lead to negative outcomes. You really do steep your DNA in your daily dietary choices. So, it’s important to make sure you are making good nutritional choices. This way your DNA is receiving good information.”

USANA® InCelligence Technology™ – Triggering the Right Information

USANA® InCelligence Technology™ utilizes nutrients and plant-derived biomolecules to target specific cell-signaling pathways that unlock the code of your innate cellular intelligence.* This scientifically formulated combination, shares specific positive information to specific health-optimizing pathways.  

Dr. Spelman continues:

“The cell-signaling technology used in InCelligence can be compared to a special code that opens a secret chamber.  “When InCelligence nutrients are received at cellular sites, it’s like a code that turns on, or activates, signaling pathways for molecular processes that protect and renew health. Our bodies naturally do these processes, but age or other lifestyle factors can slow them down. InCelligence supports these communication pathways so they are functioning optimally, which can help clear up misinformation in the long run.”*

This is a very exciting development in personalized nutrition!  The USANA® InCelligence Technology™ is designed to unlock the specific code within each of us.  Each person’s needs are different.  The misinformation that has gathered within our cells is also different.  The USANA® InCelligence Technology™ speaks the language of our own personal cells.  This can help our cells adapt and respond to our personal needs as it triggers the health optimizing pathways of our personal “inherent cellular intelligence.”*

Personalizing The Personalization of InCelligence

USANA® InCelligence Technology™ is incorporated into 5 of the high-quality USANA products:

Begin today with a nutritional supplement regimen with cell signaling, USANA® InCelligence Technology™.  The USANA CellSentials or the USANA HealthPak are superb foundational products.  Optimizers to consider for an even stronger foundation would be the USANA Biomega and the USANA Probiotic.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.