About Performance Vitamins


We are a couple who experienced “The USANA Difference” 21 years ago because of some health challenges in our family and haven’t stopped telling people since!

We are a couple whose lives have always been committed to striving for a high level of PERFORMANCE in everything we do.  One of us was a college athlete and flew jets for the US Air Force, knowing the need to stay mentally and physically focused at all times.  One of us is an accomplished athlete who became a PGA Golf Professional and learned the importance of staying mentally and physically “on her game”!


We are a couple who love to stay active and live life to its fullest!  Why be a spectator?


However, there were years where life became very busy and our priorities of taking care of our bodies took a back seat.  We were both very busy with family and the development of our professions.  We settled for getting through the next day instead of engaging life head on!

In fact, we had forgotten what it felt like to feel good!  Our health had slowly slipped away as we were approaching our 40’s not realizing the toll that our busy lives of our professions was taking on our health. We both thought this is normal to the aging process!

We both had been taking “vitamins” for years – the least expensive in the biggest bottles with the largest list of names and numbers on the back! We did not realize what “cellular nutrition” was nor did we think it mattered. We thought a “vitamin” was a “vitamin”.

It took a health crisis in our family to refocus on health…our most precious gift that we can take for granted.  We discovered USANA Health Sciences and were extremely impressed with what we learned about choices we could take to focus on a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.  The knowledge about health from USANA was life changing!  The products produced by USANA Health Sciences became an integral part of our health regimen along with healthy eating, exercise and sleep.


We did not want to lose the edge on our PERFORMANCE again!


USANA introduced us to “cellular nutrition”.  It didn’t take us long to discover that when it comes to cell nutrition, there is no comparison in companies who produce nutritional products.  The phrase that we heard often was – The USANA Difference.  It starts with the company’s commitment to science, potency, purity, and integrity.  USANA’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated by how they manufacture every product that they put their name on.  We both resonated with the heartbeat of USANA as a company.  They strive for top PERFORMANCE in everything they do.  It didn’t take long for us to really feel the USANA Difference in our own bodies!

You can read our blog about USANA – “Nutritionals You Can Trust” to read about why USANA is different! We knew that USANA could make a difference with our health and help keep us moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

We were so impressed with the impact that the products from USANA Health sciences had on our mental and physical health that we started a small “side project” to expose others to the potential that USANA products could have on their health.  This “side project” has developed through the years into PERFORMANCE VITAMINS!

We chose the name “PERFORMANCE VITAMINS” because of:

  • The top level PERFORMANCE of product manufacturing by USANA Health Sciences…the only cellular supplement we will recommend or sell
  • Our personal commitment to our own PERFORMANCE in everything we do…including customer service on this site!
  • Our experience of regaining top PERFORMANCE by focusing on our own health journey
  • Our desire to help everyday athletes, elite athletes, professional athletes and olympic athletes enhance their PERFORMANCE with lifestyle choices including proper cellular supplementation
  • Our desire to help every person in their health journey move towards living out their top level PERFORMANCE in their life and occupation


Whether you are an elite athlete, a stay-at-home mom, a business professional, a student, a 40 (or more) hour-per-week laborer, your health is critically important to PERFORM at your best.  We would like PERFORMANCE VITAMINS be a place you can trust to find the best, scientifically designed, cellular nutritionals that can help you in your health journey move towards your best PERFORMANCE.

Our commitment to you is to offer the best CUSTOMER SERVICE that we can to support you in your journey!  After all, we at PERFORMANCE VITAMINS have always been about PERFORMING at our top level!

We have trusted our health to USANA for over 21 years now…over 1000 Professional and Olympic Athletes trust their health to USANA – you can too!