USANA® InCelligence Technology™

USANA® InCelligence Technology™

So what exactly is the new USANA® InCelligence Technology™?  What makes InCelligence a large leap forward in personalized cellular health?

Understanding the Word “InCelligence”

The word itself, “InCelligence”, lays out the big picture for understanding what Dr. Myron Wentz and his brilliant team of scientists at USANA Health Sciences are unlocking at the cellular level.   “InCelligence” is a term derived from the concept of “inherent cellular intelligence.”  In other words, our cells are smart!  They are designed with a built in intelligence to operate the millions of cellular functions for us to be alive.  Our cells in our body know how to make hormones, regulate our breathing, break down our food, store our memories.  The examples are endless on the functions that happen in our body every day, every minute, every second without us thinking about them or managing the processes!

Our Cells are Talking to Each Other!  What Information  are They Sharing?

To take this a step further, our cells are talking to each other – sharing critical information that allows the body’s systems to work together for life.  The information that is shared is what is referred to as “cell signaling”.

Listen to Dr. Kevin Spelmen, USANA’s Executive Vice President of Research & Development, as he talks about the information we receive from our food:

“Did you know that each mouthful of food you eat carries a specific message to your cells? All food is information.  Whether you choose to put an orange slice in your mouth or a cookie, it is actually carrying information to your cells, talking to them, inducing a response.”  

The nutrient in our food act as messengers that begin the cell signaling though the incredible pathways throughout the body, signaling the “on/off” switches throughout the many important cellular functions that operate 24/7 without our knowledge.

Just like the operating system of a computer.  Having the operating system with the right information is critical for all the computer applications to operate and to work together.  If there is “misinformation” in the operating system, many (maybe even all) applications will be affected and will not operate effectively.

Dr. Spelmen continues with what happens when we get misinformation from our food:

“What message do you think the orange is carrying to your DNA versus a processed and packaged chocolate chip cookie?”  Just as healthy food choices will deliver good information to your cells, poor dietary choices can misinform your cells.  When you think of all the manmade, processed foods we consume, all the pesticides that get into our food, and all the nonsensical molecules used in snack foods like polyester sucrose, you are introducing something that your cells have never seen before, so what kind of misinformation does a new-to- nature molecule, such as a pesticide or preservative relay to your DNA?”

Dr. Spelman explains that, in essence, our bodies don’t know what to do with this kind of misinformation:

“Enough of this misinformation, or confusion, causes consistently wrong signaling to occur deep within the cells of the body.  This misinformation can potentially lead to negative outcomes. You really do steep your DNA in your daily dietary choices. So, it’s important to make sure you are making good nutritional choices. This way your DNA is receiving good information.”

USANA® InCelligence Technology™ – Triggering the Right Information

USANA® InCelligence Technology™ utilizes nutrients and plant-derived biomolecules to target specific cell-signaling pathways that unlock the code of your innate cellular intelligence.* This scientifically formulated combination, shares specific positive information to specific health-optimizing pathways.  

Dr. Spelman continues:

“The cell-signaling technology used in InCelligence can be compared to a special code that opens a secret chamber.  “When InCelligence nutrients are received at cellular sites, it’s like a code that turns on, or activates, signaling pathways for molecular processes that protect and renew health. Our bodies naturally do these processes, but age or other lifestyle factors can slow them down. InCelligence supports these communication pathways so they are functioning optimally, which can help clear up misinformation in the long run.”*

This is a very exciting development in personalized nutrition!  The USANA® InCelligence Technology™ is designed to unlock the specific code within each of us.  Each person’s needs are different.  The misinformation that has gathered within our cells is also different.  The USANA® InCelligence Technology™ speaks the language of our own personal cells.  This can help our cells adapt and respond to our personal needs as it triggers the health optimizing pathways of our personal “inherent cellular intelligence.”*

Personalizing The Personalization of InCelligence

USANA® InCelligence Technology™ is incorporated into 5 of the high-quality USANA products:

Begin today with a nutritional supplement regimen with cell signaling, USANA® InCelligence Technology™.  The USANA CellSentials or the USANA HealthPak are superb foundational products.  Optimizers to consider for an even stronger foundation would be the USANA Biomega and the USANA Probiotic.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Eye Health: Visionex® – Macula Sunglasses!

Eye Health

Most people don’t think about eye health until something goes wrong.  However, free radical damage from the sun and air pollution (to mention just a few threats) can cause subtle and growing damage to our eyes.  In fact, macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in the US, affecting more than 10 million people.  That is more than cataracts and glaucoma combined.

What is Macular Degeneration

It is the deterioration of the central portion of the retina in the back layer of our eyes. This area snaps the pictures of what we see, records them and sends the images to the brain via the optic nerve in our eye (interpreting the images as what we “see”).  Those who develop deterioration of the Macula will begin to have a central hole in the picture they are seeing.  This hole can continue to grow like a photograph burning from the center to the edges.  Advanced Macular Degeneration is considered legal blindness.

Prevention is the key

To date, there is no outright cure for macular degeneration.  This makes prevention an even more important topic! There have been studies suggesting that a diet including salmon and other cold water fish can be of help.  The key here is the fish which contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids may help in the prevention of Macular Degeneration or its progression (see article in  Biomega™, USANA’s double-distilled, pure fish oil capsules would be a fantastic addition to anybody’s diet to obtain the important levels of omega-3 fatty acids for cellular health – including eye health.

Visionex®– Sunglasses to protect the Macula!

The USANA scientists have designed the Visionex® product with eye health prevention as the the center focus.  Two very important antioxidants have been shown to be effective in helping protect the macula in the eye – lutein and zeaxanthin.

Both these antioxidants are naturally occurring protectorates found in plants!  Plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis but can also protect themselves from the damage of excessive solar radiation by these two antioxidants found in their structural make up.

Lutein is believed to act as a filter of the high-energy blue light from the solar radiation as well as act as an antioxidant, stopping the free radical damage that would occur from excessive exposure.

Zeaxanthin is an even more powerful antioxidant against free radical damage that the plants have in their arsenal!

Ultimate Eye Health: Sunglasses – Outer and Inner

One of the most important choices we can make to protect our eyes from the free radical damage of the sun is wearing polarized sunglasses on the outside.  Adding the USANA Visionex® product (and Biomega™) to your nutritional regimen can serve as an extra, inner layer of sunglass protection of the vitally important macula in our eyes.

In addition to lutein and zeaxanthin, the USANA Visionex® product contains bilberry extract, vitamin C and zinc to maintain healthy capillaries and provide additional antioxidant protection.  This impressive combination of antioxidant support is like inner putting on the inner sunglasses daily just as you do on the outside when you face the potential damage of the sun!

In conclusion, don’t wait until your eye health is starting to deteriorate.  Prevention, prevention, prevention! Now is the time to take care of a few of our most precious gifts given to us by God – our eyes!

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